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  • New collection – Laguna Riders
    The highly-anticipated “Laguna Riders” collection is now available on BayardStore! This collection of NFTs features stunning illustrations of some of the most iconic supercars in history, rendered with incredible detail and vibrancy. Each NFT is a true work of art, representing a moment in time captured forever on the blockchain. […]
  • New collection – Pro Street
    As the night falls in the bustling city of New York, the sound of roaring engines fills the air. It’s a sound that has captured the imagination of countless artists and creators over the years, and now, in 2023, a new artist has emerged to pay homage to this iconic […]
  • Which artist sold the most when being alive?
    It is difficult to determine which artist has sold the most works of art while they were alive, as the value and price of art can vary significantly. Additionally, the commercial success of an artist’s work does not necessarily reflect the quality or cultural impact of their art. That being […]
  • The 4P and marketing mix strategy for selling art in 2023
    During our recent research in the field of marketing, we had the opportunity to return to these fundamental principles which make it possible to boost sales but also and above all to finalize them, thus making it possible to start generating interesting income with your creations. After spending many years […]
  • Investing in digital assets
    Holding digital assets in an e-wallet can be important for an art collector for several reasons. First, an e-wallet allows for easy and secure storage of digital assets such as cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These types of digital assets are not physical and therefore cannot be stored in a […]
  • New collection – Necromancer of another era
    With some 24,600,000 search results in 0.43 seconds only for the word necromancer and about 16,500,000 search results in 0,41 seconds for the words “necromancy in art”, you can see that this is a really hot topic that has grown tremendously over the past few years and has been growing ever since […]
  • New collection – Hackers of the future
    Since the appearance of new technologies, the art world has continued to progress. With better tools, a new generation of computer components, and knowledge now transmitted in open source overnight, except a strong, fast, reliable internet connection in high speed, we have nowadays almost everything we could possibly need to […]