Collection – Toaster Mania


Toaster Mania invites you on a captivating journey into the metaverse, where art and utility harmonize in a symphony of design. Whether you’re an enthusiastic collector, a digital artist, or a virtual space creator, these NFTs offer a chance to explore the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.

The collection was designed in September 2023 by Swiss Designer Steve Bayard and every element of the toasters in “Toaster Mania” was meticulously crafted using cutting-edge 3D modeling capabilities. From the graceful curvature of the sleek bread slots to the intricate details on the timer dial and faux buttons, the Swiss artist went above and beyond to make this object unique and rare, giving it a touch worthy of luxury products.

At its core, “Toaster Mania” celebrates the uncomplicated joys of life. It serves as a reminder that even in the digital realm, we can savor the charm of breakfast, the aroma of freshly toasted bread, and the comfort of morning coffee. These NFTs encapsulate these sentiments in visually captivating ways.

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