Collection – Urban Life

The Urban Life collection is a series of 10 illustrations and photographs made by artist Steve Bayard on iPhone 7 with a mix of techniques (photography, animation, and layerings) in 2022 in Berlin.

Artworks from this series are inspired by the art seen in the streets of Berlin, visited exhibitions of artists, friendly moments with the muse of the artist as well as private moments of joy. The photography snapshots executed by the artist are then transformed into joyful color tons before being used as a digital layer using superposition techniques and digital drawing.

The collection includes static and animated artworks that were the first artworks including a glitch animation pattern, but also older photography shot in Switzerland in 2018 and have been interpreted again by the artist into an urban graffiti style, including his new drawing techniques to the pieces prepared with great care.

For you to understand how these image have been created, here is an example of a before after photography:

Run fast by Steve Bayard

The collection has been featured in numerous stories and social media publishing by 4ART as you can see in the following threads.

Discover the full collection hereafter.