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New collection – Hackers of the future


New collection – Hackers of the future

Since the appearance of new technologies, the art world has continued to progress. With better tools, a new generation of computer components, and knowledge now transmitted in open source overnight, except a strong, fast, reliable internet connection in high speed, we have nowadays almost everything we could possibly need to accelerate creation and support artists in their growth and learning process.

All these new technologies excite some artists who find new creative possibilities in them, while others, who do not necessarily master this new panoply of computer tools at their disposal, worry about their future in the art world. , but also and above all for their works.

Hackers of the future #001
© 2022 – All rights reserved to Steve Bayard


Hackers of the future is a fine art collection of 10 digital illustrations, reworked by the artist to make them available for you now in limited edition prints as well as in 4ARTNFT+ on the BayardStore.

With new security and transaction standards now having been introduced on a large scale since the advent of the Internet, it is now a matter of being able to accurately identify the history of a work of art in order to be able to determine its value and acquire in a clear and transparent manner.

This is only the beginning of the transition to an era where digital art has enabled the establishment of exchanges of values much faster and with more transparency than when processing transactions which until now were carried out in a much more traditional way,

These technological advancements have not only allowed us to conduct our transactions more securely than before. With their appearance, many developers have been interested since 2015 already.

Having perfectly integrated the new standards of 4ARTechnologies and Web3.0 into his creative process, it is with artificial intelligence (AI) that the young Swiss designer will publish his first collection produced using distribution models with Google’s MidJourney tool that he installed directly on its Discord server in order to generate its illustrations in private mode using text prompts sent by private message to the MidJourney bot.

It was first with keywords, then with more details that the artist carried out his research until he was able to obtain the desired result. Once this is finished, it is on Adobe Illustrator that the artist will be inspired by the illustrations obtained apart from the AI to finalize the works of this collection.

The images have a low 16:9 format, i.e. 2688 × 1536 pixels in original size, and have been vectorized, reworked, and adapted to be printed from DIN-A4 to DIN-A0 format.

The keywords used for this collection have been around the theme of biohacking and cyborgs to produce a futuristic vision of what hackers might look like in the future. This is how since December 1, you can discover the new collection of our young designer.


Hackers of the future is a fine art collection of 10 digital illustrations, reworked by the artist to make them available for you now in limited edition prints as well as in 4ARTNFT+ on the BayardStore.

Hackers of the future #005
© 2022 – All rights reserved to Steve Bayard

So far, the artist has already minted 2 artworks from this series in the form of 4ARTNFT+, available on 4ARTmarketplace via the BayardStore.

The blockchain chosen by the artist to mint this project is the Binance Chain which was launched in 2020 by the world’s largest art crypto exchange Binance. The advantage of this blockchain where the artist royalties have been fixed at 10% for this series, essentially lies in the high transaction speed and low transaction fees for the artist, which was a definite advantage for minting this NFT+ as well as a great investment opportunity for future collectors because it was the 1009th artwork minted on the platform at that time, which makes it not only a must-have for your collection, but also a unique piece of history in your wallet.


The 8 remaining artworks (#002, #003, #004, #006, #007, #008, #009, #010) will be minted on demand for you, in order to be able to meet the needs of the market without immediately saturating it with the entirety of this collection and without using gas immediately. The smart contract is already locked, which assures current collectors that their investment is safe.

If you wanted to add a futuristic touch to your home decor and were a fan of Disney characters such as in the Star Wars movie with K-2SO, R2-D2, C-3PO, and the many class 3 droids and slicers living on Alderaan or programmed to interact with humans, order your poster or your NFT+ now on our online store, each work will be delivered to you with its original certificate of authenticity via 4ARTapp upon receipt of your payment and your contact details.

Its price varies between 250€ for the DIN-A4 version and going up to 500€ for the DIN-A0 version and the 4ARTNFT+ of this series, the collection is therefore aimed at a wide audience.

While private collectors and professional gamers can purchase the DIN-A4, DIN-A3, and DIN-A2 versions to display in their futuristic interior space, the larger DIN-A1 and DIN-A0 versions, as well as the 4ARTNFT+, will appeal more to galleries and museums with larger walls and able to make a nice profit on their investment with paid admissions as long as they hold the appropriate rights to this practice for these original works.

Enjoy “pairing physical and digital art together” starting today with our great selection of originals at BayardStore.