Necromancer of another era – #010

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Discover a beautifully printed artwork by the Swiss artist Steve Bayard in 2022. Find details about the artwork Necromancer of another era #010 printed on semi-gloss paper DIN-A3 size.


« Necromancer of another era – #010 » is a work issued of the 7th collection for sale of artwork created by the Swiss artist Steve Bayard in the second part of the year 2022 in Berlin.

This artwork is issued from the new  “Necromancer of another Era” Collection which includes 24 portraits created with selected keywords and prompted in the MidJourney Bot in the period of August 2022.

The author made this artwork with an artificial intelligence algorithm researching the perfect mix of gold jewelry found in another dimension, and human-based necromancers.

This artwork is made on printed DIN-A3 Poster (420mm x 297mm) portrait orientation that creates a dark steampunk and futuristic ambiance in your rooms and gaming spaces. It catches immediately the attention of your friend from far away with its black and gold colors, before opening interesting discussions around body modification, future of the mankind, and other futuristic subjects. or even dark subjects such as reincarnation or simply to add a sophisticated touch to your gothic film set.

The artwork is made of superior, semi-glossy, paper printed professionally, and with great care in Switzerland by L’1mprimerie.

Once received, you can place the artwork ideally in the frame of your choice, behind glass is the best, and then simply fix it as a mural decoration for homes, underground bars/pubs, discotheques, art galleries, gothic studios, fetish dungeons, or any room with big and large dark walls ready to welcome more neo-contemporary DIN-A3 sized posters and art.


DETAILS: Each print is numbered and signed by the artist before being sent.

SPECIAL: The original illustration for this artwork is available to be minted as a 4ART NFT+ and is available for transfer to your e-wallet. You can happily contact our support to get this artwork minted as a 4ART NFT+ with its unique patented certificate of authenticity.

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