Divine beauty


-Divine Beauty- is a digital static illustration and photography made by artist Steve Bayard on iPhone 7 in 2022 in Berlin.


-Divine beauty- is a digital static illustration and photography made by artist Steve Bayard on iPhone 7 with a mix of techniques (photography, animation, and layerings) in 2022 in Berlin.

The artwork is a static .jpg file with a size of 1334px X 750px available only as a 4ART NFT+ with its provenance and original documentation. This is the NFT+ version presented here, for this series composed of 10 different images for this collection series called “Urban Life”.

The artwork is inspired by the selfies and photography sessions made and exchanged together since 2019 with the artist muse’s for creating a sexually oriented art project exposing their kinky experiences, discoveries and appreciations.

This NFT artwork is a unique masterpiece created in 2022 and minted on PALM blockchain for this unique collection. It brings sensuality, kink, as well as passionate eternal love to the owners and is available only as a NFT+ edition in the 4ART ecosystem.

The owner will receive a small 25cm x 25cm print version as well of this same artwork after purchasing the item. Buyer must share his actual address with the owner after purchasing this item to receive the print version as an extra gift free of charge.

The print will be registered as an original edition as well in 4ART so that it can be tracked and exchanged with this NFT+ in the future. This way the original work can always follow the NFT+ for a lifetime and their owners will have an exclusive piece of art to display in their collection and in reality.

Owning a NFT+ from our “Urban Life” series will unlock privileges to the owner such as free access to VIP advantages, special invitations for our events and exhibitions, as well as special discounts from our online website and experiences. It brings unforgettable memories back to life when watching it, as well a realistic and futuristic vision over the conception of wealth and richness in the collection of the owners.

The creator of the NFT grants the owner of the NFT the right to:

  1. Unless elsewhere expressly stipulated otherwise, the owner of the Non-Fungible-Token that contains the link to this legal text was not granted any copyrights by the creator of the NFT for the associated work of art, object, file or media.
  2. allow selected users within the 4ARTechnologies Applications Ecosystem to stream, view and listen to the digital representation of the associated work of art, object, file or media.

These rights are granted only for the duration of ownership. In case the ownership of the NFT changes, the granted rights are passed to the new owner.

This NFT+ is ready for all 4ART ecosystems so that you can use it conveniently across multiple 4ART platforms in the future and prosper with a complete interoperability on the 4ART Metaverse.

For inquiries about the artworks, please contact the owner in 4ART by private message or place your bidding via the 4ART Marketplace.

See a video example of use in the 4ART Metaverse hereafter:

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