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-Smoke- is a deep painting on canvas made by artist Ania Dziezewska in 2017 in Kunstraum Kieswerk and turned into an NFT in 2019.


-Smoke- is a deep painting on canvas made by artist Ania Dziezewska in 2017 in Kunstraum Kieswerk.

The artwork is a static JPEG file with a size of 2015px x 2587px available only as a 4ART NFT+ with its provenance and original documentation. This is the NFT+ version presented here, a unique piece of the series of this polish artist.

The artwork is made based on the original artwork and was minted in April 2022 just after the opening of the 4ART Marketplace. This NFT artwork is a unique masterpiece of this unique collection and was the 114th artwork minted on the PALM blockchain in the platform at that time, making it a super historical piece to have in your collection.

Get today one of the most talented graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in your digital wallet. Her paintings are original, vibrating, pulsating with color, and simply beautiful to watch at any time.

The creator of the NFT grants the owner of the NFT only the right to:

  1. unless elsewhere expressly stipulated otherwise, the owner of the Non-Fungible-Token that contains the link to this legal text was not granted any copyrights by the creator of the NFT for the associated work of art, object, file, or media.
  2. allow selected users within the 4ARTechnologies Applications Ecosystem to stream, view, and listen to the digital representation of the associated work of art, object, file, or media.

These rights are granted only for the duration of ownership. In case the ownership of the NFT changes, the granted rights are passed to the new owner.

This NFT+ is ready for 4ART ecosystems so that you can use it conveniently across 4ART platforms in the future and keep safely this artwork within the 4ART Metaverse.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on original oil paintings on canvas painted by artist Ania Dziezewska is a good investment for art collectors for several reasons:

  1. Provenance and authenticity: NFTs provide a way to prove the authenticity and ownership of a digitalized artwork, ensuring that the NFT represents the original oil painting on canvas. This can add value to the artwork as a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.
  2. Limited edition and scarcity: NFTs allow for the creation of limited editions of digital artwork, making them more scarce and valuable. The limited editions of Ania Dziezewska’s oil paintings on canvas will make them more valuable.
  3. Investment potential: NFTs have been gaining popularity and value in the art world, and some have sold for millions of dollars. As an accomplished and recognized artist, Ania Dziezewska’s NFTs based on her oil paintings on canvas have the potential to appreciate in value over time, making them a good investment for art collectors.
  4. Fractional ownership: NFTs can allow for fractional ownership, meaning that multiple people can own a piece of the artwork, which can make it more accessible to a wider range of collectors.
  5. Digital ownership: NFTs provide a way for art collectors to own and display digital art, which can be more convenient and cost-effective than owning physical art.
  6. Emotionally engaging: Ania Dziezewska’s oil paintings on canvas are emotionally engaging, her work often explores themes of human emotions, nature, and social issues, which can resonate with many people and therefore, her works can be seen as a reflection of human experience, which can make them more valuable to many people.

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