Galactic Echoes – #002


Prepare to be enraptured by the sheer darkness of the galaxy with Galactic Echoes, an NFT collection showcasing the legendary characters of Star Wars.


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic depths of the Star Wars galaxy with “Galactic Echoes – #002,” an NFT masterpiece that unveils the iconic Darth Maul’s face. This extraordinary artwork, skillfully created by the visionary artist Steve Bayard, captures the essence of one of the galaxy’s most formidable Sith Lords.

In this exclusive edition, only Darth Maul’s piercing visage emerges from the shadows, cloaked in a shroud of hooded garments. The hooded attire conceals the rest of his menacing presence, focusing all attention on his haunting face, marked with menacing tattoos, as well as his piercing yellow eyes on one side and blue on the other. Limited to just 10 copies, this NFT offers a rare opportunity for collectors to own a unique piece of Star Wars artistry that’s as captivating as it is distinctive.

The intricacy of Darth Maul’s visage, brought to life through the marvel of artificial intelligence, invites you to explore the depths of his malevolence and cunning. His piercing yellow eyes on one side and blue on the other seem to bore into your very soul, evoking the terror and allure of the dark side of the Force.

This NFT goes beyond art; it’s a portal to the heart of the Star Wars saga, a tribute to the relentless power and charisma of Darth Maul. Secure your piece of history today and prominently display it in your digital collection, where it will stand as a testament to your appreciation for the Sith Lord’s enduring legacy.

NFT Details:

  • Edition Size: Limited to 10 copies
  • Artwork by: Steve Bayard
  • AI-Infused: Yes
  • Digital Medium: PNG
  • Resolution: 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Watermark: No
  • Blockchain: FLOW
  • Verified Authenticity: Yes
  • Instant Delivery: Yes
  • Ownership Transfer: Immediate

“Galactic Echoes – #002” is a digital masterpiece that captures the essence of one of the galaxy’s most feared and iconic Sith Lords. With only 10 copies available, this is your exclusive opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history that’s as rare as it is haunting. Embrace the darkness of the dark side today and make this exceptional NFT a prized centerpiece of your collection.

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