Onanisme Manu Militari II

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This book invites you to an artistic, philosophical, and political approach to Lukas Zpira’s works through various collaborations featuring photography & texts.

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With this book you will learn that “Viølence is not in the act, but in the way others løøk at it.”

Based on this declaration relating to his practice of bødy modifications, as well as on a text by Marcel Duchamp dated 1957 in which the artist underlined the important part of the spectator in the creative process, Lukas Zpira invites you here to take a fresh look at his approach, beyond the usual clichés.

Onanism Manu Militari II is a beautiful colored photography book taking you on a discovery of an extraordinary artistic and philosophical universe where your mind travels through original artistic collaborations and texts, which have been constituing the keystone of Lukas’s work in this period, and to which are added the contributions of Ryoichi Maeda, explorer body avant-gardes, and instigator of the bødy hacktivism, by Laurent Courau.

Learn more today about the approach to Lukas Zpira’s work on bødy modifications through various collaborations featuring photography, as well as texts from some of the most renown figures of sociology and anthropology of the bødy.

3000 copies were originally published in 2005 but quickly sold out. We are presenting here in FACSIMILE 1000 copies only.

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November 2005 by HORS EDITIONS


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