African Cargo


“African Cargo” is a fine art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer in 2019 in Weil-am-Rhein and available now at BayardStore.

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“African Cargo” will let you discover a small but very detailed fine art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer in 2019.

This artwork is made of bronze in a German foundry and is about 23cm X 19cm X 7cm.

This beautiful piece of art is ideally placed as a decoration for homes, offices, esoteric shops, as well as any room with desk, sideboard, dining table, living room table, or bookshelf ready for welcoming more art.



All works in the QUINTESSENCE SERIES are spontaneous, emotional and gut-shaped works that deal with opposites that come together in very different compositions.

35 years of experience as a creative artist give the seemingly chaotic works their deep order and basis.

A cynical, sometimes poetic interplay of controversial, symbolic elements, animals, plants and cult items from different time and style epochs are the basis of these objects seeking meaning.

On closer inspection, each part used has its own identity, its surface, the time it was created and popular, its local affiliation and also its specific proportion.

The final material, bronze, combines the differences between the individual components, the 3D collage, and gives you an everlasting value that manifests itself in immortality.

Some works undergo a further transformation through a layer of 24 carat gold, which gives them a further and new identity. The quintessence works can be from a deep past or seen as a glimpse into the future.

After casting the object, when they come back to the artist from the art foundry, they often get a story of a mostly surreal interpretation from the artist.

The viewers are also called upon to bring their own fantasies into play. Each viewer can assign their individual story to the bizarre objects through their very own interpretation.

The first work in this series Salmon, Boar, Squirrel was created in 2015. The last work is The Piglet and the Rose from 2020.


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Dimensions 7 × 23 × 19 cm

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