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-Hackers of the future – #001- is an original artwork created by Steve Bayard in 2022 using artificial intelligence for creating this exciting collection.


-Hackers of the future – #001- is an original artwork created by artist Steve Bayard in 2022 using artificial intelligence, diffusion principles, and prompted scripts before offering you this amazingly surprising collection including rare prints, and digital collectibles.

The artwork is a fine art print with a size of cm X cm available as  print or as a 4ART NFT+ (on demand) with its provenance and original documentation. This is the printed version presented here, the very first one of the series composed of 10 different images for this collection series. The printed version is limited to 100 copies only, signed by the artist in the back and numbered.

The image here belongs to the research with artificial intelligence (AI), installed recently on the Discord server of Bayard Art Consulting in a matter to teach the MidJourney bot about the style of the artist privately, before revealing absolutely surreal illustrations that could come straight out of a Disney movie project by their similarity.

In reality, all images are created by being prompted as script text with keywords researched and then, taught by the artist to the AI for creating these stunning art pieces, imagined by the projection of the visions of the artist.

Owning a NFT+ from our “Hackers of the future” series will unlock privileges to the owner such as free access to VIP advantages, special invitations for our events and exhibitions, as well as special discounts from our online website and experiences.

The NFT+ comes with the associated rights of reproduction as well as with the commercial rights of use and modifications for all ecosystems so that you can use it conveniently across multiple platforms in the future, while the printed version is allowed only for private use without reproductions rights.

For inquiries about the NFT+ artworks, please contact us in 4ART by private message and we will mint it freshly for you. For the printed version, select a size, and place your order now directly at the BayardStore.

See a video example of use in the 4ART Metaverse hereafter:

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