-Smoke- is a deep emotional oil painting on canvas made by artist Ania Dziezewska in 2017 in Kunstraum Kieswerk.

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-Smoke- is a deep emotional oil painting on canvas made by artist Ania Dziezewska in 2017 in Kunstraum Kieswerk.

The artwork is the original painting measuring 180cm X 140cm X 2cm and includes its provenance and original documentation in the 4ART app. This is the real painting version presented here, a unique piece of the series of the polish artist.

The artwork is made based on the original secret technique developed by the artist. This painting is a real masterpiece of this unique collection and was viewed by numerous visitors at 2 exhibitions we’ve been hosting at Kunstraum Berlin with Yann Brenyak, as well as with Lukas Zpira in the same period, making this artwork a super interesting piece to have in your collection if you’d like to own an undeniable part of history since we all sadly lost Yann Brenyak a few months only after these events.

Oil paintings on canvas by artist Ania Dziezewska are a good investment for art collectors for several reasons:

  1. Professional experience and education: Ania Dziezewska is a highly trained and experienced artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, and has been working as an artist since 2008.
  2. Recognition and representation: Ania Dziezewska has exhibited her work in several galleries and museums, both in her home country of Poland and internationally, including in Japan and Switzerland. She is also a member of the performance group SFINKS and the international group FEED WATER.
  3. Unique style and technique: Ania Dziezewska’s oil paintings on canvas are known for their unique style and technique, which combines elements of realism and abstraction to create dynamic and striking compositions.
  4. Investment potential: As a highly trained and accomplished artist, Ania Dziezewska’s work has the potential to appreciate in value over time, making it a good investment for art collectors.
  5. Limited availability: As an accomplished artist and her works have been exhibited in many exhibitions and represented by galleries and museums, the availability of Ania Dziezewska’s oil paintings on canvas is limited and her work can become increasingly sought after.
  6. Emotionally engaging: Ania Dziezewska’s oil paintings on canvas are emotionally engaging, her work often explores themes of human emotions, nature, and social issues, which can resonate with many people and therefore, her works can be seen as a reflection of human experience, which can make them more valuable to many people.

Check the 4ART certificate of authenticity here for this artwork

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