About us

Steve Bayard – NFT+ Artist & Consultant in Berlin, Germany.

Hi there! My name is Steve, I’m an artist by day, a musician by night, I’m learning to code for a few years and this is my website. I live in Berlin, and I like luxury, art, design, and graffiti. Besides that, I am having a great passion for drift, and sports cars from the ’80s until today.

The BAYARD.STORE was founded by myself in 2020 to complete the offer proposed already with BAYARD ART CONSULTING to promote my art. Once I started, I rapidly detected that I was not the only one on my friend list having the same needs.

I invited a few of them to join me in my adventures and we have been providing together unique fine art to the public ever since.

Located in Berlin, our website employs at the moment 1 art consultant working with over 50 artists and does all kinds of awesome things for the art community all around the world.

Our first shop was running on OpenCart for about 2 years now and for the first time, we are now executing the new facelift of our store using WordPress which is a new challenge for us. This choice was based on the tools available for continuing the evolution of our small business including more technologies.

You will find here fine art, paintings, sculptures, prints, digital artworks, and NFT (non-fungible tokens) to spice up your days by adding unique artworks to your art collection.

At the moment we are collaborating with 1 art gallery in Basel (Weil am Rhein), and 2 art galleries in Berlin. The artist panel we cover is including over 50 artists creating art on a regular basis for promoting their careers. Our art team welcomes all genres and is aiming for more security while executing art transactions.

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