Urban Fetish Disco Diva

– Urban Fetish Disco Diva – is a digital painting made by artist Steve Bayard in 2022 in Berlin.

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– Urban Fetish Disco Diva – is a digital painting in 300x300px made by artist Steve Bayard on iPhone 7 with a mix of techniques (finger drawing and layerings) in 2022 in Berlin.
The artwork is inspired by the masterpiece of the prints series of photography -Fetish Disco Diva- that the artist composed earlier in 2018 with a Swiss fetish model. The project included a music album available on Bandcamp under the same name as well.
This NFT artwork is a unique masterpiece of this unique collection. It brings love, kink, and eternal Jouvenne to the owner and is available only as an NFT+ edition in the 4ART ecosystem.
Minted on Palm blockchain this NFT+ is all you need to start a flashy abstract street art collection with the most efficient blockchain for culture and art.

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Steve Bayard


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