The pike and its guests


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“The pike and its guests” is an art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer in 2019.

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“The pike and its guests” is an art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer in 2019.

This work of art of approximately 7KG is made of bronze in a German foundry and is covered with 24-carat gold with a size that is about 28cm X 14cm X21 cm.

This fine art sculpture is ideally placed as wall decoration in the hallways of your home or as the ultimate ornament for your living room. It goes very well with dark and plain backgrounds. The thin layer of gold that covers this bronze sculpture will strengthen your immunity and help you fight against everyday stress.

The pike is very rare because it is a difficult fish to catch that hides and does not allow itself to be fooled as easily as its friends. Successfully catching it is not such a simple game, which makes this work of art a mythical piece for all anglers who can share the joy of having already been able to catch it.

The eagle placed on the right side of this unique sculpture generally represents in contemporary art the ideas of beauty, strength, and prestige for this type of composition, and is mainly associated with the symbolism of the sun, a symbol of the sons of Horus in Egyptian art. It is also related to the greatest Greco-Roman deities such as Zeus, Jupiter, Pan, and Ares. In central Europe, Christianity will still give it as a representation of the determination as well as the resurrection of Christ.

The monkey has been an emblematic figure in the art world for a very long time as well. For example, they can already be found in paintings by Gaston La Touche between 1854 and 1913 in his works “La Botanique” and “La Physique” that have been sold for more than €10,000 during the last sale carried out by the Hôtel des Ventes de La Flèche. The artist Volker Scheurer realizes here with this assembly of figures, an extremely rare work of precision by integrating it on the top of the pike in a pensive position suggesting that he is the mental player of the pike.

The last piece integrated into this beautiful sculpture is the figure of a bear that is probably among the oldest animals present in art because it has been found since the Paleolithic and in ancient paintings all over the world, but it has also inspired many artists, writers, sculptors, and filmmakers. It has been so present that many logos and coats of arms have been created by integrating this animal as a centerpiece, just like the city of Berlin in Germany and the city of Bern in Switzerland in the middle-age period, which each have a bear in a standing position, which is very rare in the art world for this animal that is placed here more commonly in a 4-legged position and roaring, ready to pounce on its observer as if asking you to flee or leave it alone, which corresponds very well to the character of the pike that hides and can bite you when you remove its hook before releasing it in the water, marking its pronounced character and making this contemporary work unique in its kind for the one who owns it.

This contemporary work of art will be delivered to you with its mounting kit which will allow you to easily attach it to your wall or your exposed beams.

LIMITED EDITION: 7 pieces produced
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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 21 cm





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Volker Scheurer


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