Le Moi-Cyborg


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It is the appearance of the Me-cyborg, a new psychic surface that allows the subject to represent the technological object as a part of himself.

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About the Author:
Frédéric Tordo is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, a Doctor of research in clinical psychology, a researcher at the CRPMS (Paris-Diderot University), and a founding member of the Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations (IERHR).

He is the author of The digital and robotics in psychoanalysis (Paris, 2016), and has directed numerous works including (with Serge Tisseron) L’entant Les robots et Les screens (Paris, Dunod, 2017).

About the book:
The connection to technologies (smartphones, video games, artificial prostheses, exoskeleton, etc.) produces real metamorphoses in humans.

We observe a transformation of the brain and the nervous system as a whole, and even of the Self.

Neuroscience makes it possible to understand these phenomena. But the mutation of the augmented and / or connected man also directly affects his psyche, at the very level of the Ego.

A psychic function develops: by shoring upon a function of the body (this is the Me-skin of Didier Anzieu), but also by relying on technology, whose functioning is seen transposed on the mental plane.

From then on, the ego knows a true extension of its limits. It is the appearance of the ego-cyborg- new psychic surface which allows the subject to represent the technological object as a part of himself.

In psychopathology, the cyborg ego can thus serve as a psychic prosthesis to compensate for poorly organized, deficient, or unstructured psychic functions.

These are all these new transformations which are deciphered in this work, which is based on numerous theoretical and clinical researches.

Prefaced by Serge Tisseron, afterword by Bernard Andrieu.

Summary of the book: Preface   (Serge Tisseron): Psychoanalysis facing the technological challenge.

Foreword: New Human Vocabulary. The cyborg, the man permanently connected to the machine. Introduction.

  1. The Self-cyborg. Cyborg vicariance. The notion of Self-cyborg
  2. Psychogenesis of the Self-cyborg. The notion of Me-cyborg. From the Mother-Child dyad to the dyad with technology. The internal dyad of the cyborg-ego
  3. The functions of the Me-cyborg Capacity Increase. Maintenance and Self-maintenance of the psyche. Support of Identity and the Feeling of existence. Excitation barrier. Reflexivity and self-empathy. Inscription of psychic traces. Awakening and support of sexuality.
  4. The fantasies of the ego-cyborg. The primary fantasy of skin is shared with technology. The secondary fantasies of the ego-cyborg.
  5. Psychopathology of the ego-cyborg. The Me-cyborg, as a psychic prosthesis. The ego-cyborg as a psychic orthosis. General conclusion . Afterword   (Bernard Andrieu): Hybridism of the Ego-Cyborg.

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