Ken (Bronze)


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“Ken (Bronze)”  is a fine art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer.

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“Ken (Bronze)”  is a fine art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer.

This artwork is made of bronze in a German foundry. The size is about 33cm X 9cm X 16cm.

This fine art sculpture is to place ideally as a home decoration for living rooms, office tables, or any furniture, as well as in any interior or exterior environment with free spaces to welcome this sculpture.


The history behind this artwork by Volker Scheurer:
(English translation by Bayard Art – December 2020)

“Ken thinks. He is not worried about the upcoming neck birth. He has given birth to 4.7 children this way. The almost-two-year-old peripheral throat pregnancy in men is a major advance for modern society.

This completely skips the father milk phase and the diaper time. Ken is more concerned with his future, especially in his animal-human relationship.

It may just be a feeling, but he can hardly motivate himself for the day and a severe lethargy spreads through his body. There was a time when people talked about burnout syndrome.

Today this disease is prohibited and it would be presumptuous to think of something like this before the twelfth birth. His great-grandfathers and grandfathers have developed a lot in recent generations. Your tasks as breadwinner have been simplified in part, for example, the organic small pig farm on the back of every adult man spares the way to the butcher, and the concentrate garden in the genital area is intended to ensure fresh, crisp vegetables.

He does so, although there are still minor difficulties regarding the specific meat – humus soil.

However, the scientists are convinced that this newly developed arable soil will have an absolutely perfect consistency in one or two generations and that irritating irrigation will be eliminated.

Ken and his sex colleagues are more concerned about the many small and large apes in and on your legs. The primates have been asking for a say for some time, and want their hips and legs to be assigned to them as an autonomous territory. They have had this claim since they freed the lower part of the modern male body from the unreliable, stinking, and scavenging cow varieties in a tough fight.

A revolt, another revolt is imminent.

Perhaps the men will have to give up parts of their bodies to the animal world in the future.

The geopolitical claim of the monkeys to be able to counteract by negotiations is still believed, but it seems more and more unrealistic since there have been numerous demonstrations and the monkeys have influential allies in the plant world. Ken has a lot of responsibility. Ken thinks.”

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 9 × 33 cm




Bronze, Brown

Artist Name

Volker Scheurer


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