• Barbie (Bronze)

"Barbie (Bronze)"  is a fine art sculpture made by Volker Scheurer.

This artwork is made of bronze in a German foundry. The size is about 33cmX9cmX16cm.

This fine art sculpture is to place ideally as a home decoration for living rooms, office, tables, or any furniture, as well as in any interior or exterior environment with free spaces to welcome this sculpture.


Original history behind this art by Volker Scheurer

English translation by Steve Bayard - Dec 2020

"Barbie is relaxed. You don't know that otherwise.

Her female ancestor told her that women's lives weren't so stress-free among previous generations.

The woman had to take care of educational tasks, often also take on political tasks, at times the female part of the population also had to work, even give birth to children. And the body animals were by no means as easy to keep as they are today, which required a considerable effort in terms of hygiene and required great diplomatic skills. Her great-grandmother was one of the last women to give birth to a child with a deep pregnancy and a subsequent birth. Now that's the men's thing.

You, Barbie and your friends are happy about this development. You can now be a woman. They gave their annoying mother duties to the kens of this world generations ago. Barbie can now devote herself extensively to your beauty and the care of your body animals. With its two new legs in the upper right half of the body, the aesthetic feeling of the male part of the population was taken into account, since this side always required more legs.

The women are also very happy with this small exchange - arm for double leg - because it is now possible for you to wear two pairs of shoes.

The research that led to this success was largely driven by the big fashion labels. The footwear and trousers sales in the women's division have doubled since this extremity swap.

Inspired by Joseph Beuys, today's woman sees the animal world as the external organs of human beings and therefore integrates them into the outer body zone. The body animals contribute a lot to the general well-being.

The animals also actively participate in social and intellectual exchanges. The animals native to the erogenous areas have also made it their task to satisfy Barbie sexually extensively and permanently.

The various animal species, which in the past often devoted themselves to minor wars for ethnic reasons, are now, it seems, finally pacified.

Due to the resettlement of the frogs in the hair and head area, they were also spatially separated from the penguins, which was and is very conducive to peace on Barbie's body. Gradually, deep friendships emerged from diplomatic relations. An animal harmony has spread to the ladies' bodies in this modern world.

Peace on Body.

Barbie is relaxed.

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Barbie (Bronze)

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