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Updated: May 09, 2020

This is the safest and easiest place for independent artists to sell their art online to millennial collectors coming from all around the world.

Many independent artists are looking for a safe place to sell their art in less than 10 minutes nowadays and Bayard.Store is the new game-changer offering you to be a part of this new change in the art market.

Just like our creatives and artist, YOU can now apply to sell your art on our website and increase your chances to get exposed and featured in art spaces and other galleries from our high-quality network like all the other artists we support since the launch of our project with our activities.

To apply, you must have at least of collection of 3 artworks minimum to put on the website For our art catalog and magazine "Kunzt Mag", you need a minimum of 10 artworks to get a chance to get featured into it.

All artists we represent and sell are real humans that we have met at least one time in person. This way we can guarantee that all the art for sale on our platform is real and coming directly from their original producers and authors. The minimum requirements to join our selling artist's network is as follows. All artworks must be:

  • Limited Edition or Unique pieces of fine art, means single units
  • Maximum of units allowed for series is 100 units

Before applying, make sure you have all the following documents in .doc or readable .pdf file format ready.

What you need to get ready to apply is:

  • 1x Artist Biography including:
    • Resume of your experience
    • Your universe/influences
    • The techniques you master
    • Your rewards (if any)
    • Full contact information (Address of contact if different of residence)
    • Phone Number
    • E-mail address
    • Copy of your ID/Passeport

  • 1x Artwork Description including:
    • The story behind your artwork
    • Technique used (Here you can respect the secret of fabrication)
    • Material used (All materials, chemicals included in the artwork, no secret)
    • Size/Dimensions of the artwork in millimeters
    • Weight of the artwork in grams  for >1000gr and in kilograms <1KG
    • Location from where the artwork is sent from
    • Colors included in the artwork (providing HTML color name & code is the best)
    • Variation of artwork (Ex: Gold, Bronze, Silver or color variations)
    • Certificate of authenticity

  • 1x Pricelist in € (Euro) currency including:
    • Price of each item separately
    • Variation of prices (Ex: Gold 200€, Bronze 150€)

  • Pictures set including:
    • Format 4:3
        • 1x Picture of the artist
        • 1x Picture of best artwork (must be on white (FFFFFF) background)        

            • Format 16:9
                • 1x Picture of the artist (no background restrictions)
                • 1x Picture of the best artwork (no background restrictions)   

             Format 2:3
                • 1x Picture of the artist (no background restrictions)
                • 1x Picture of best artwork (no background restrictions)        

            • Format 1:1
                • 1x Picture of artwork  (must be on white (FFFFFF) background)

                • 1x Picture of manufacturer logo/icon in (transparent background)

                • 1x Picture of the artist  (must be on black (000000) background)


  • All pictures must be send in HD format, and without filters. If your content needs a correction, our team of professional experts will care about it for the price of €30/hour.

  • The format 1:1 for the picture of artworks must be declined in all variations of items. For example, if you have 1 same object in gold declined into the second variation in bronze, you need to submit 2 different images for this product. If you have silver in addition, you will need to submit 3 images.

All images must be sent free of a logo, free of any watermark, free of texts. All images are verified by our team and we remember you that our terms and conditions are explicit for all material sent to us. "Do not upload any content including pornographic representations or illustration including children in the content of your picture set. All spams and all content in violation of our terms and condition will be immediately reported to the authorities as mentioned here and in our terms of business". If you are not sure about which content to upload here, you might not be allowed to upload it here. If you have any questions about your picture set and content to send, please contact us by phone and we will happily guide you for you can succeed with your upload and send us the best content you have in stock for sale.

Once you are ready with all these files, you can now send us your .zip including all attached files, this upload won't take you more than 10 minutes in total once you are ready for it and with a good stable internet bandwidth. Your message should not exceed 5 MB in total and you can submit your material in a maximum of 3 sending per artist. All sending exceeding these proportions will be deleted automatically from our servers.

What happen after that?

Our team will analyze your application to join our selling artist network and will contact you to fix the first appointment together. Generally, we answer within 48 hours by e-mail to such requests. However, it is possible that it takes us longer to respond due to the many application we are receiving during the pandemic.

Once your submission will be clarified and accepted by our team, it won't take much time until your art is put for sale on our website. Our coding team is uploading new content weekly and your art will be queued to be added to the Bayard.Store.

All artists will receive a contract of provision to sign and return back to the company by e-mail. All new artists must provide a copy of their submission as a freelancer from the state of their residence.  If you can not provide us with these documents, the team of Bayard Art Consulting can help you with your registration for an hourly honorary starting at €30/hour to guide you through this processing with the organizations. This goes with a small video call and it all start here.

Once you have succeeded with all these steps, your artworks will be put for sale on Bayard.Store, or in our "Kunzt Mag", depending on your application. You will receive your first payment as soon as your art will be sold on our website as defined in our contract of provision.

Our cut is always as follow:

  • 90% for the artist
  • 10% for Bayard.Store

All provisions are paid regularly to the artists by IBAN or PayPal. Please make sure you have one these 2 methods ready if you want to join us as a selling artist.

We use 4ARTapp to register and certify all artworks you see on the and website as original artworks and can therefore guarantee of the authenticity of all works and prints sent to our customers. This service is 100% free of charge and you can happily ask our team for a short coaching. Get started today with a small video call here.

This program is working independently from the Affiliate Program we offer to everyone. However, since you are joining this program you will need to unsubscribe of our Affiliate Program if you were previously registered for it. If you were not previously registered, you will not be able to join both programs. This would be against our anti-fraud policy and your account will be immediately deleted without any need to send you a message to inform you about it and a new joining will not be possible after that.

We believe everyone has a talent that deserves to be shown, it only needs the right appreciation to be discovered. Enjoy this new program and feel welcome to send us your application if you think you got what it takes to join our incredible network of selling artists. 

If you believe this program is in the interest of one of your friends, you can use our Affiliate program to promote this information and get paid to support your best friends. How cool is that? Don't wait any longer and join our community of art supporters today!

Best regards, 

Steve Bayard

Owner/Director & Bayard.Store