Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Updated: May 09, 2020

1. Delivery Information

Delivery of digital products, downloads and products to print at home:

• There is no delivery for these products as the user can download them directly into the selling processing.

Delivery of fine art:

• The delivery of fine art is a bit different as it always depend of the size and weight for each pieces of arts.

• Please look at the product description to learn if the delivery is included or not.

• For all packages that are considered small packages, we proceed with a well known delivery service to bring your pourchase to your door.

• For particular delivery of art, we have our own vehicle that we use for the delivery of product and consultant all across Germany, and Europe (as soon as borders will be open again).

• For international delivery, we use a well known service.

• For local delivery, we use our own vehicle if you request a VIP delivery or a well known service if we are not available personally.

For national delivery, we use a well known service. 

2. What means well known service?
It means that we use one of the standard partners available at the moment to proceed for your pourchasse delivering. This partner can change in a matter to respect the actual regulations in place during a pandemic time or any other embargo or damage that is not coming from our own willingness.

If you are not sure about the delivery option for a piece of art that you want to buy, please contact us by phone call to get an immediate estimation of price for transport and delivery before you buy a product of our store.

3. Do we proceed for any Refund/Returns?

No, we do not proceed for any refund or returns. If you send us merchandise back without to contact us in prior, the merchandise will be lost forever. All merchandise for which the satus is set on "shipped" is to consider as validated and accepted. No refund and no returns. For more details, please refer to our terms as well as our conditions of use/services and the sections here after resuming our strict warranty.

4. What happen if the merchandise is broken or dead on arrival?

In case your merchandise is broken or damaged on arrival, transport damage is not always visible at first glance and the bad awakening often only comes after opening the package. If you see the package has been damaged, do not accept the delivery and contact us by phone cal immediately to find a solution together. Incidentally, our customer does not need to contact the transport service provider. Your contact person is only Bayard.Store in this eventuality.

If the right of withdrawal comes into effect according to § 355 BGB, Bayard.Store will reimburse the sales price in full. However, the buyer is obliged to return the purchase with the transport damage. If we agree on a solution under warranty law together, the money will remain with Bayard.Store. However, keep in mind we must remedy the defect or replace the damaged purchase in the package.

According to § 438 Civil Code (BGB), our buyer have a warranty claim valid for at least two years for defective goodsHowever: If the damage/defect was already known to you when you bought the artwork and you still buy it, you will no longer have any warranty claims due to this defect/damage in accordance with § 442 BGB. 

If there is a defect, you can first request Bayard.Store to contact the artist to repair the defective goods (if possible), or to deliver a new artwork (if possible), or to produce a new defect-free artwork in accordance with § 437 BGB. Note here that some of the work purchased are stocked since a few years and are getting older with the time. What you see is what your get is the rule here. This additional performance is regulated in more details in the § 439 of the German BGB. In this case, Bayard.Store will pay the postage for returning the artwork. All abuse will be punished and the amount for returning the artwork will be billed to the customer on a separate invoice.