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Start your collection in the right way. This is the idea behind BayardStore.
We built it to help you create a beautiful art collection for the story you want to tell.
Get access to original artworks made by emerging artists faster and better.
This is the best place to buy art with cryptocurrencies in Berlin now.

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At exactly midnight, the door opened, and the young man with his cap and his Ray Ban sunglasses appeared hidden under his hooded sweater, inviting them to follow him, he opened a parallel dimension in the world of fine arts and design which had remained unexplored until now.


Original sculptures in wood, concrete, epoxy, bronze, and gold, and 3D models on demand.


Original paintings from international artists collaborating together since 2018 in Berlin.


Original fine art prints collections from emerging talents and digital artists.


Valuable assets for your e-wallet with collectibles and long terms projects with crypto investments.

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Our website is free to join and gives you access to all our art collections as well as interesting news about art and new technologies we use to publish, market, sell and protect our digital and physical assets. Join our affiliate program and get a 10% provision for everything you sell for us from our online store.

Next-generation art acquisition

Begin your collection curation journey on the right foot by gaining immediate access to verified artworks with original provenance, directly from the artists themselves.

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BayardStore is the best starting point for your art shopping journey. Just choose an artwork you like, add it to your cart and join our affiliate program to earn more.

Innovative marketplace

Explore early art concepts created by original artists with one smart tool. Designing with WordPress, our UX/UI design offers a smooth experience all around.

Next-gen payment system

Access to art in a very simple way by connecting your bank account or your digital wallet to proceed with cryptocurrencies from your Coinbase or Metamask account.

Our featured artists

Discover our most active artists in the art market

Steve bayard
Trans-disciplinary artist based in Berlin, Germany
Lukas Zpira
Trans-disciplinary artist based in Avignon, France
Volker Scheurer
Sculpting artist based in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany
Frédéric Tordo
Psychologist & Author based in Paris, France
Ania dziezewska
Painting artist based in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany
Trans-disciplinary artist based in Postdam, Germany


Get off to a new era of arts

New collection – Laguna Riders

New collection – Laguna Riders

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The highly-anticipated “Laguna Riders” collection is now available on BayardStore! This collection of NFTs features stunning illustrations of some of
New collection – Pro Street

New collection – Pro Street

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As the night falls in the bustling city of New York, the sound of roaring engines fills the air. It’
Which artist sold the most when being alive?

Which artist sold the most when being alive?

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It is difficult to determine which artist has sold the most works of art while they were alive, as the
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The 4P and marketing mix strategy for selling art in 2023

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During our recent research in the field of marketing, we had the opportunity to return to these fundamental principles which
Investing in digital assets

Investing in digital assets

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Holding digital assets in an e-wallet can be important for an art collector for several reasons. First, an e-wallet allows
New collection – Necromancer of another era

New collection – Necromancer of another era

By 13 December, 2022 0
With some 24,600,000 search results in 0.43 seconds only for the word necromancer and about 16,500,000 search results in 0,41 seconds for

Experience our showroom from the comfort of your own home with a free virtual tour! Preview our stunning artwork on your own walls using the augmented reality features provided in the 4ART app. This way, you can make sure you’re making the best decision before placing your order. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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